Treatment of perforation of the ventricular or tooth root

Perforation of the ventricle or tooth root is a complication that can occur during endodontic treatment. This usually happens at the stage of searching for channels or their subsequent development. In the past, this complication led to the need to remove such a tooth. Current medicinal methods allow to save tooth with perforation of the chamber or root. The tooth chamber is a space in which blood vessels and nerve cells from the root canals meet (fig. 1). Finding all channels is an activity that carries the risk of perforation. The most effective and safest method to develop and find all anatomical elements of the tooth is to work using a dental microscope. Large magnification allows to distinguish the structures and colors of tissues requiring removal, from those that should be spared to minimise the risk of perforation of the tooth root. If the wall of the chamber or root is perforated, the only rescue may be the use of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA). Carrying out such a procedure is one of the high-precision procedures usually performed using an endodontic microscope and is often the last resort before removing the endangered tooth. Faqs
  • Does the strength of a tooth with a perforated chamber decrease? The size of the perforation, eligible for treatment, is small. Rebuilding the tooth with coronary root cartridges and prosthetic crown marginalizes the effect of stocked perforation on tooth strength.
  • Will the use of MTA avoid tooth extraction? Perforation of the tooth chamber is always an additional difficulty on the way to healing the tooth. For each medical procedure, the importance of the individual response of the body to treatment is underlined. The use of MTA produces very good results in many patients, however, additional factors such as the size and location of perforation and the time from the formation of root perforation after which the MTA was used determine strenurates.
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