Composite veneers

Composite veneers allow you to improve the aesthetics of the smile and the appearance of teeth during 1 visit to the office. Teeth with aesthetic defects of color, shape or settings in the mouth are not in any way ground – damaged. The whole procedure consists in applying a thin layer of composite material – composite veneer – to the outer surface of the teeth so that it covers aesthetic defects or reproduces the shape of the tooth. The use of composite veneers allows you to correct small defects in tooth setting, change the shape of teeth or their color. Most treatments are fully reversible because the glued veneer can be easily removed to return to the original dental state. What is the course of treatment? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • First visit: this is a medical consultation during which the dentist learns about the patient's aesthetic expectations and presents possible options for improving the aesthetics of the smile. After qualifying the patient for the performance of composite veneers, the doctor determines the duration of the next visit in order to start treatment. Sometimes, in order to achieve a better aesthetic effect, teeth whitening or sandblasting may be recommended.
  • Second visit: the dentist makes composite veneers in the patient's mouth in order to achieve the established aesthetic effects. The execution time of one composite veneer is usually about 45-60 minutes. The procedure is completely painless, as usually there is no need for the slightest even violation of tooth tissues.
  • What are the indications for composite veneers? – indications for the use of veneers are:
    • glazed and dentin underdevelopment
    • difficult to whitewash tooth discoloration
    • unsightly filling of the front teeth
    • diastemy and jitters between teeth
    • tooth edge cavities, snooping of the angles of the edges of the
    • aesthetically adverse shape of the front teeth.
  • What are the contraindications to composite veneers? – Contraindication to veneers is habitual teeth grinding, smoking and poor oral hygiene. As a result of poor oral hygiene or cigarette smoking, the surface of the composite veneer can be more easily discolored than tooth enamel. Periodic inspection of composite veneers every 12 months is recommended to assess their condition and possible polishing of the area of the veneers if necessary.
  • What is the durability of composite veneers? – the durability of composite veneers is similar to the durability of fillings in the oral cavity, in the case of good hygiene, veneers can be in the mouth for many years without losing their aesthetic value. However, it should be remembered that this durability is lower than porcelain or additive veneers. This is due to lower strength of composite materials. Fortunately, any cracks or discoloration of composite veneers are much easier to repair than in other types of veneers, because they are made directly in the patient's mouth without sending the veneer to the prosthetic laboratory.

See the effects of treatment:

4 Composite veneers for upper incisal teeth

4 composite veneers for upper incisors

Wrocław composite veneers

4 composite veneers closing the gaps between the teeth

Changing the shape of teeth Wroclaw

2 composite veneers changing the shape of teeth

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