Implantation consultation

The implantological consultation in our office will allow you to learn about the different methods of replenishing missing teeth with implants and choosing one that will be best suited to the conditions in the mouth. The implantological consultation is intended for people with deficiencies of single teeth, total tooth deficiencies, but also for people who will only have to have a tooth removed. How does such a visit take place? – here is a simplified scheme:

  • before visiting, the doctor takes a pantomographic photo of all the patient's teeth
  • then the implantologist talks to the patient to know his expectations and wishes about the effects of treatment
  • after the conversation, the doctor performs an intraoral examination of the patient assessing the state of hygiene of the mouth, teeth and gums and places with dental deficiencies
  • after tests, the doctor with computer visualizations and drawings presents the patient with possible treatment options along with the full estimate of the solutions presented
  • if an implantological treatment is decided, the visit shall end with a ct scan examination to plan the implant implant procedure. If plaque and plaque are present, the doctor directs the patient to dental hygienists to clean the teeth and reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth.


  • Is it possible to implant the implant immediately after removing the tooth? – if there is no acute inflammation within the removed tooth, immediate implant after extraction is usually the most advantageous solution to make up for the absence. Instant implantation allows for a significant reduction in bone loss after extraction, provides less invasive ness of the procedure and faster enjoyment of the new tooth on the implan.
  • Do cigarettes affect implantological treatment? – in smokers, a disorder of the blood supply of the oral mucosa is observed, which affects healing and worsens the prognosis of the chances of taking the implant.
  • At what age can implants be implanted? – there is no upper age limit, which is an obstacle to treatment with tooth implants. In the elderly, treatment with miniimplants can be used with general diseases, which in certain cases can be implanted without surgical cuts within the patient's gums. This allows for a significant minimize of the invasiveness of the procedure and accelerates healing.
  • What is an implantological template? – the implantable template allows implants to be implanted without stenching the gum with a scalpel, exposing bones and putting on seams. Such a procedure is planned computerically, and then using templates played in the mouth. Description of treatment with surgical templates.
tomography before tooth implants