Removal of tooth discoloration

Nothing like this is suitable for people as a broad and sincere smile. Unfortunately, not everyone can smile so much despite their desire. Discoloration of teeth resulting from smoking, drinking coffee or tea makes us smile more sparingly and less frequently. Fortunately, this is an effective method. We offer our patients professional removal of tooth discoloration and restoration of their natural appearance after 1 visit to the office. We divide the discoloration of the teeth into intra-derivative and extra-derived. What is the course of treatment of various types of discoloration? Here is a simplified scheme: Intrinsic tooth discoloration:
  • First visit: most often they are the result of taking medication or are a complication of root canal treatment. As a result, the teeth look sine and grayed. In order to whitewash the dead tooth, the dentist doctor puts a bleach insole into the tooth chamber and leaves it for 3-5 days. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times after which it is assumed to be filled. The bleaching effect is permanent and does not require repetition. This method is used to whiten discolored individual teeth.
Discoloration of extra-derivative teeth:
  • superficial discoloration – first visit: the most common are discoloration and deposits caused by smoking, coffee or tea. Such discolorations rarely affect only one tooth – more often it is a few teeth side by side. In order to remove external discoloration, we recommend sandblasting and teeth whitening treatments. Often , ultrasonic removal of tartar is also necessary.
  • discoloration within the enamel structure – first visit: in the case of numerous white or yellowish discolorations within the enamel, the treatment is longer, but usually gives the most spectacular results. Such discolorations are usually caused by glazing disorders, these are so-called fluorosose spots or very superficial caries changes visible as round discoloration. Treatment of discolored spots usually begins with overlay whitening. If the patient is satisfied with the color of the teeth, and the problem is only the spots on their surface then this step can be skipped. The next step is a treatment that regenerates the structure of the enamel in order to recreate its uniform surface that evenly reflects light using ICON material. Such a procedure is carried out on 1 visit and usually manages to completely remove white or yellow – white spots discoloring the front teeth.
  • I have white spots on my front teeth, can they be removed? – Yes, the latest treatment methods make it possible to achieve a uniform appearance of the front teeth. White spots on the teeth can be caused by a disorder in the development of enamel or too much fluoride intake in childhood. During the examination, the dentist assessing the reason for discoloration and their scope will present the best methods for restoring the teeth of a uniform color.
  • Can "blue" teeth also be whitened? – Yes, this is a textbook indication for intradental whitening. Even if the tooth has a sino-gray shade for a long time we guarantee the restoration of a uniform color so that it does not distinguish itself from other teeth.
  • How long does the whitening effect of a dead tooth last? – the effect of intradental whitening of dead teeth is permanent and does not require repetition. After whitening and filling the tooth correctly, they get a shade such as adjacent teeth.
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