A-PRF – platelet-rich fibrin

A-PRF (Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin) – it is an autogenous biomaterial obtained from the patient's blood by centrifuging it in a laboratory centrifuge. The effect of collecting and centrifuging the patient's venous blood is to obtain a fibrin membrane with unusual properties. A-PRF contains in its composition growth factors PDGF, VEGF, leukocytes, IGF-I and IGF-II factors, pro- and anti-inflammatory mediators, interleukin-1, interleukin-6. Such a rich and concentrated composition perfectly stimulates the healing of soft tissues and bone growth. The beginnings of research on the use of platelet-rich fibrin PRF in dentistry date back to the 90s, currently a modified method of obtaining fibrin A-PRF is used, which is characterized by an even better effect on tissue healing. The advantage of using a fibrin membrane is the long-term and slow release of the previously mentioned growth factors, which improves healing. The use of A-PRF membranes in dental procedures such as:
  • sinus lift procedures – both open and closed – as an autogenous material
  • protection of the alveolus after surgical extractions of teeth 8 and retained teeth, this reduces the risk of the so-called dry socket, and significantly improves healing after difficult extractions
  • preservation of the alveolus after atraumatic tooth extraction with a view to its future restoration with an implant – the use of A-PRF significantly reduces bone loss after extraction with the reconstruction of better quality bone
  • alveolar sealing after immediate implantation after tooth extraction
  • bone and soft tissue transplants
  • treatments to cover root recessions
  • Is the procedure of producing fibrin A-PRF painful? – The only unpleasant moment for the patient is the stage of collecting the patient's blood, this procedure is in no way different from the traditional blood collection for laboratory tests. Then the tubes with the collected blood are placed in a laboratory centrifuge and centrifuged for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the dentist preprarates the finished A-PRF membrane using special tools – PRF-Box and places it in the patient's mouth. This biomaterial is fully biocompatible and safe.
  • What is the difference between platelet-rich plasma PRP and platelet-rich fibrin PRF? – Platelet-rich plasma PRP is used in aesthetic medicine in mesotherapy – the so-called vampire lifting. It has a liquid consistency compared to PRF, which has a gelatinous consistency. In addition to growth factors, A-PRF contains collagen fibers and fibroblasts that support the healing of bone tissue, which is not contained in platelet-rich plasma PRP.
platelet-rich fibrin A-PRF dental centrifuge for obtaining A-PRF

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