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Dental Unit - Dental

Chirana Smile Sympatic Dental Unity

The high-end modern Dental Unit is the heart of any dental office. It allows you to work nicely and quietly. It makes it easier to set a comfortable position for both the patient and the dentist, making the visits shorter and less stressful for patients.
dentist's tomography wroclaw

CT scanner Vatech Pax-i3D Smart

Real raisins among digital pantomography cameras and computer tomography. With minimal radiation doses using the latest Vatech dental tomograph, we can see a three-dimensional model of the patient's jaws and very precisely diagnose existing health problems, plan implantation treatment and assess the position of nerve ducts for safe surgery. In addition, this camera takes traditional digital panoramic and cephalometric photos of excellent quality.
dental laser wroclaw

SmartM Pro Lasotronix Dental Laser

One of the most powerful dental lasers on the market, allowing you to work with 980nm and 635nm wavelengths. Today, one of the most important tools for modern dental treatment. The 980nm wavelength laser allows bloodless surgery, implantology and aesthetic dentistry, and a 635nm wavelength laser works biostimulally significantly by healing, reducing ailments after-treatment. The use of a laser allows for a more gentle, faster carrying out of treatments, which significantly reduces the stress and discomfort of the patient.
PRF Wroclaw centrifuge

IFuge Laboratory Centrifuge

Thanks to the possession of the iFuge laboratory centrifuge, we can provide our patients with the opportunity to innovativetreatment with A-PRF membranes and their growth factors. Such treatment significantly accelerates healing and clearly improves its effect after surgery. The safety of treatments is also increasing, as the biomaterial obtained is autologous and completely biocompatible.
eq master warm gutaperka

EQ Master Hot Gutaper Tool

The EQ Master warm gutaper kagzaperka system allows you to seal the channels in the best possible way possible. Scientific research shows that filling the canals with the warm gutta-percha method gives the highest percentage of long-term success of root canal treatment. Combined with the use of a dental microscope, our doctors are able to carry out effective channel treatment of even the most difficult, multi-channel teeth according to the highest global standards.
Dental X-ray - X-ray studio

Kodak 2100 Dental X-ray

One of the safest X-ray cameras on the market. The highest operating frequency on the market – as much as 300kHz allows you to get extremely detailed photos with minimal exposure to X-rays. Long tubus provides significant elimination of harmful diffuse radiation, which improves the quality of the photo when increasing patient safety.
X-ray teeth photos

Gendex Expert DC Dental X-ray

The latest x-ray head design used in this camera almost completely reduced the dose of diffuse radiation through the lamp housing. Thanks to this, we are sure that the radiation is directed only towards the illuminated X-ray sensor without unnecessary irradiation of the remaining organs of the patient. In addition, the smallest used focus of the lamp with an area of only 4mm2, allows you to get photos with unprecedented sharpness and quality.
Digital tooth x-ray

VistaScan Plus wireless radio vision reader

Wireless radiovisionography due to numerous advantages over wired sensors is starting to be used more and more often in dental offices. In our clinic on Nobel Street we use the radiovisionography of the German company Duer Dental Vista-Scan. This equipment offers the highest optical resolution – as much as 40LP/mm, which allows you to notice the changes that remain invisible for other radiovision. This has an important effect on making the right diagnosis and further treatment.
Dental magnifying glass Wroclaw

SurgiTel 2.5x Ergo-vision Dental Lupa

Most dental procedures are carried out in an area of just a few square millimeters. For the sake of maximum possible accuracy in situations where possible we use dental magnifying glass. Thanks to the work in the 2.5x magnification, the precision and quality of our work increases significantly.
Endomaster Endodontic Micromotor

Endomaster EMS Endodontic Micromotor

The endodntic micromotor is an indispensable element of modern root canal treatment. The Endomaster micromotor of swiss company Ionyx EMS provides safe and rapid development of dental channels. Its application significantly improves the quality and precision of their expansion. The built-in endometer provides accurate measurements of channel length and minimizes the risk of inaccurate filling.

Beyond Whitening Whitening Whitening Whitening Lamp

The legendary whitening lamp of the American company Beyond – a precursor to modern laser teeth whitening. Bleaching light is filtered through 12,000 fiberoptics with a total length of 1.6 kilometres. In addition, a special optical system completely eliminates harmful infrared and ultraviolet light. This light is a so-called "cold light", which is decisive considerably in terms of patient safety and the results of teeth whitening. Teeth whitening by BEYOND™ is completely safe, which confirms the absence of any complications.
C-Bright Wrocław bleaching lamp

Sema C-Bright Bleaching Lamp

Whitening lamp is necessary for teeth whitening using the cabinet method. Cold light with a wavelength of 420-490 nanometers activates and supports the operation of the bleaching gel. The Sema Dyw C-bright lamp is one of the most powerful lamps on the market (power up to 2400mW/cm2), its use allows teeth lightening from 5 to 14 shades on the Vita scale. At the same time, thanks to the use of modern bleaching preparations, the procedure is completely safe for the patient's teeth.
Melag Dental Autoclave

Melag Dental Autoclave

Modern autoclaves are a mandatory equipment of any dental office. The water steam sterilization process under increased pressure and temperature is the most effective method for complete sterility of tools. Each sterilization process is tested using the so-called " "indicator bars" which are then archived as evidence of the correct sterilization process. German company Melag is a real mercedes among autoclave manufacturers in the world, so given the safety and comfort of our patients, we decided on the autoclave of this company.
dental tip purification

Assistina 301 Plus tip cleaning machine

Recent research into disinfection and sterilization processes in the cabinets shows that the weakest link of the whole process remains always human. Therefore, in order to ensure the full safety of our patients to professionally clean dental tips, we use a special Assistina 301 Plus device. This device guarantees accurate cleaning and lubrication of each tip and safely prepares it for the sterilization process, eliminating the need to perform these activities manually.
Tooth squeezing masses

Dynamix pressure mass mixing machine

Accurate prosthetic squeeze is the primary condition of any prosthetic treatment. This is especially important with large squeezing spanks involving several teeth or implants. In our clinic, in receiving precise prosthetic squeezes, we are helped by a special device preparing squeeze masses with the highest possible parameters – Dynamix of the German company Heraeus Kulzer.
Implantation micromotor

Micromotor Implantation NSK Surgic XT

Surgic XT Implant Micromotor provides optimal range of visibility and precision in oral surgery and implantology. Perfect speed and speed control ensures minimal traumatised treatments. This is especially important for implant surgery, but also with other oral surgery.
Treatment under a microscope - Dog Pole, Wroclaw

Carl Zeiss Endodontic Microscope

In our office we have a keymicroscope in the production of lenses and optics from Carl Zeiss. Work in microscopic magnification is a completely new quality both in endodontics as well as in other fields, such as prosthetics, periodontology, surgery, microsurgery. The accuracy of working with a microscope is incomparably greater compared to the classic techniques of working in the office.
Ultrasonic Dental Skaler

Ultrasonic Dental Skaler

Ultrasonic dental skaler is used to remove plaque. The use of ultrasound has revolutionized the way scales are carried out. The vibration alkaline tip automatically crushes the tartar of both the perky and the under-burr, so it is not necessary to use the slightest even force per tool. Thanks to this, unlike manual stone removal, this treatment does not cause damage to the enamel of healthy teeth and is much less unpleasant.
Sandblasting Machine - Dog Pole

Sandblasting Machine NSK Prophy Mate

The Dental Sandblasting machine allows the removal of dental deposits formed by smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, tea, etc. Such sediments do not give in to traditional brushing of teeth and often only the procedure of sandblasting teeth allows them to restore their old color and shine.

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