Reconstruction – bone regeneration

Bone reconstruction and regeneration makes it possible to implant implants in places where there is not enough bone tissue. This is possible thanks to the use of bone-forming biomaterials enabling the reconstruction of atrophied bone. Guided bone regeneration enables the growth of bone tissue in the necessary location for the proper placement of the implant in terms of future prosthetic reconstruction. The decision to use controlled bone regeneration is made after radiological analysis. Sometimes this necessity is revealed only during the procedure, as a routine X-ray examination does not always give a full clinical picture of the treatment field. Controlled bone regeneration is carried out mostly including implantation. Sometimes, with very large bone losses and lack of potential stabilization, bone reconstruction is performed as a separate procedure, and implants are implanted only after the formation of bone tissue – usually after 5~9 months. Another indication for bone reconstruction is the extraction wounds after the teeth removed – especially when future-based implantological treatment is planned. The procedure itself consists in placing the biomaterial in the place of planned bone reconstruction and its appropriate formation. The whole is covered with a barrage collagen membrane and sewn. The use of resorbowal collagen dam membrane prevents epithelial cells from growing into biomaterial and allows bone tissue growth. Faqs:
  • How often is bone reconstruction necessary? – statistically, in 40% of implant procedures, guided bone regeneration is necessary. Its absence, despite indications, can cause deterioration of the implant's maintenance in the bone and reduce the contact surface of the implant – bone.
  • Is the procedure painful? – the procedure is carried out under anesthesia and is completely painless – just like the implantation procedure during which it is most often performed. After the procedure, laser biostimulation is performed to accelerate healing and reduce pain.
  • Is it possible to rebuild bone in every case? – Unfortunately, bone regeneration can not be used in every case. The dentist doctor analyzes many factors that influence the ultimate success before the procedure and determines the optimal type of treatment and use of bone reconstruction.
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