Resections of the tops of the roots of the teeth

Resection of the apex of the root of the tooth is often the last resort for preserving your own tooth. It is performed in a situation where pathological changes in the bone are visible at the apex of the tooth root and they do not withdraw despite the previous proper root canal treatment. What is the course of tooth root resection? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • First visit: at the first visit, the dentist performs the necessary X-ray diagnostics – a digital panoramic photo. In the case of large bone changes, partial ctsography may be required to make changes to the roots. On the basis of the results of radiological examinations, the doctor decides whether it is necessary to repeat root canal treatment of the tooth earlier and informs the patient about possible indications for bone tissue reconstruction after the procedure. Such reconstruction is recommended in the case of large changes in the bone and in the case of planned implantological treatment in the future.
  • Second visit: the dental surgeon, after thorough anesthesia of the patient, makes a small incision within the mucosa so as to reach the top of the root of the resected tooth. It then thoroughly cleanses all pathological changes within the root, cuts off the peak 3mm of the infected tip of the tooth and fills the canal of the tooth retroactively with MTA material. Then he sutures the resulting wound and performs laser biostimulation to accelerate healing and reduce pain. The visit ends with the establishment of seams removed after 7-10 days after surgery, or soluble seams that dissolve within 14 days after surgery.
  • Is tooth root resection painful? – Like any surgical procedure, root resections are carried out under strong local anesthesia, there is no risk of any pain sensations. After the procedure, the patient receives a prescription for drugs that support healing and provide a painless course. In addition, laser biostimulation is significantly accelerated by healing and reduces pain.
  • What are the indications for tooth resection? – an indication for tooth root resection are changes in periapical tissues at the root that do not heal even after proper root canal treatment of the tooth is re-examined.
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