Acronic dentures

Akron, as a material for performing dental prostheses, is a relatively new material. However, acron dentures are increasingly made and praised by patients thanks to its numerous advantages compared to traditional acrylic dentures. The greatest advantages of acrotic prostheses include:
  • significantly higher acronym strength than acrylic, which eliminates the risk of rupture of the prosthesis
  • greater prosthesis aesthetics due to the greater translucency of acronym
  • lack of allergic reactions of the palate and cheeks mucosa
  • significantly lower acronym lymphocyis compared to elastic prostheses
What does the course of prosthetic treatment look like? – Here is a simplified scheme:
  • First visit: after qualifying the patient for prosthetic treatment, the doctor makes impressions of the upper and lower jaw
  • Second visit: the dentist determines the height of the patient's short circuit – that is, the height at which the new dentures will be set relative to each other and takes re-impressions on individual spoons made by a dental technician
  • Third visit: at this visit, trial dentures with teeth fixed on wax are ready, after trying on and assessing the fit in the mouth and accepting the appearance of the prosthesis by the patient, the dentures are sent to the laboratory to make ready dentures
  • fourth visit: acron dentures are ready to be given to the patient, the dentist makes any corrections and assesses the correctness of the bite and position in the mouth, ready fitted dentures are given to the patient. A check-up is scheduled after a few days in order to make possible corrections to the bite.
  • What are the indications for acron dentures? – an indication for the implementation of acron dentures is to supplement partial missing teeth in the patient, these dentures are an alternative to skeletal or acetal dentures
  • How often should I change my dentures to new ones? – when using dentures, you should report for follow-up visits once a year, the dentist then assesses the condition of the prosthesis, its stability and fit in the oral cavity, usually after 3-5 years due to the atrophy of the gums in the ear cavity, the prosthesis ceases to fit perfectly, its maintenance deteriorates, it ceases to be stable and begins to fall or swing – this is an indication for replacing the prosthesis
  • What are the alternatives to akron prostheses? – depending on the condition and location of your own teeth, missing teeth can be supplemented in many different ways, from permanent solutions (those that are not pulled out of the mouth) dental implants, prosthetic bridges, from removable solutions (those that should be pulled out of the mouth for hygienic procedures) these are skeletal dentures, dentures on latches, acetal dentures, partial acrylic dentures or flexible dentures – nylon.
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