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Porcelain dental bridges are part of constant prosthetic additions. This means that they are permanently cemented on the patient's own teeth. Therefore, they are a very comfortable and convenient prosthetic solution. With dental bridges, one or more dental deficiencies are replenished. They are an alternative to the use of tooth implants. The bridge suspended on the patient's own pillar teeth recreates the missing teeth in terms of both aesthetic and functional. In our office we offer full-ceramic bridges on zirconium oxide and porcelain-lic bridges. What does the course of treatment look like? Here is a simplified scheme:

  • first visit: after planning a prosthetic supplement, the doctor proceeds to grind the teeth chosen as prosthetic pillars. The grinding procedure is carried out in anesthesia and is completely painless. The visit ends with the collection of squeezes and their referral to the prosthetic laboratory and the protection of ground pillar teeth with temporary crowns.
  • second visit: with smaller work on this visit, the bridge is covenanted and cemented. At larger bridges, the dentist covenants the skeleton of the bridge in the patient's mouth and makes possible adjustments, then sends the bridge to the finish in the prosthetic laboratory.
  • third visit: after the measure and checking the finished bridge, the dentist's doctor cements the supplement permanently in the patient's mouth.


  • what are the indications for the execution of prosthetic bridges? – indication are any dental deficiencies provided that the pillar teeth are properly located. This can only be seen after a dental examination. In case dental deficiencies are too extensive to perform a bridge, we offer bridges in zx 27 system or implantation treatment.
  • how long the completion time is – from the first visit to the end of treatment passes about 5-6 days. After this time, you can reenjoy a beautiful smile and a recreated chewing activity. 
  • what are other possibilities for rebuilding the absence of single teeth – an alternative to the use of classic prosthetic bridges is to rebuild the lack of a tooth with single crowns on implants. This solution is more favourable due to the lack of need to grind the patient's adjacent healthy teeth. Unfortunately, it must be remembered that grinding the tooth under the bridge means that already until always such a tooth will have to wear a crown, because grinding the tooth irrevocably removes the enamel from its surface.

See the effects of treatment:

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