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Fashion for a healthy young look for good has been in our surroundings. Initially, many people started with aesthetic dentistry treatments such as teeth whitening, dental aesthetic zone corrections or orthodontic treatment to improve the shape of tooth setting. Today, more and more people want to stop time and look many years younger. In this situation, a young branch of medicine comes to the aid – aesthetic medicine. Aesthetic medicine treatments are increasingly performed treatments in dental offices. Smoothing and removing wrinkles, changing the shape of the mouth increasingly are the culmination of all dental treatment and are performed as the final stage of a holistic treatment plan. For most aesthetic medicine treatments, 3 preparations are used:
  • platelet-rich plasma PRP: this is the material derived from centrifugation in a medical centrifuge of the patient's blood drawn. Due to the fact that it is an allogeneic material – coming directly from the patient, it does not give practically any complications or allergies. It is mainly used for mesotherapy treatments – vampire facelift.
  • Hyaluronic acid: it is a biopolymer naturally found in all living organisms. An interesting fact is that it has an identical structure both in humans and, for example, in bacteria. In humans, it is a component of the skin and is tasked with tying water molecules. One molecule of hyaluronic acid binds as many as 250 water molecules. This can be illustrated by the fact that 1 gram of acid can bind more than 3 liters of water. Thanks to this, healthy young skin is perfectly tight and firm. With age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin begins to decrease and which is the direct cause of the formation of wrinkles and loss of its tension. In aesthetic medicine, hyaluronic acid-based gels are mainly used for smoothing wrinkles and lip augmentation.
  • botulinum toxin – botox: it is a bacterial toxin produced by anaerobic bacteriaClostridium botulinum, its action is to paralyze the neuromuscular endings and, consequently, to stop muscle contractility. Such action is, after a while, reversible – contraction returns gradually with the formation of new neuromuscular connections. The first use of botulinum toxin was paralysis of the muscles of the eyeball in the treatment of zeza, then began to apply it also in aesthetic medicine treatments.
We offer our patients a full range of aesthetic medicine treatments within the face. On the right side are visible treatments offered by us, and below we present a simplified scheme of the procedure:
  • First visit: the doctor begins the procedure by collecting a thorough medical history, during which he determines possible contraindications to the procedure and learns the patient's expectations and wishes regarding aesthetic effects. After determining the scope and type of procedure, the doctor anesthetized the patient's surface and plans to inject places. The final step is to inject the planned places and instruct the patient about how to behave after surgery
  • What is the wrinkle smoothing treatment? – the treatment consists in placing a small amount of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally occurring in healthy skin, in the wrinkle area. With age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in skin tissue unfortunately begins to decrease and this causes a decrease in its firmness.
  • What is the difference between smoothing wrinkles and removing them? – the wrinkle smoothing treatment is described above, roughly it consists in filling the wrinkle with hyaluronic acid, which binds water in the skin restores its firmness and smoothes wrinkles. The treatment of the removal of wrinkles consists in the removal of the cause of the formation of such a wrinkle, that is, the blocking of contraction of the muscle which causes the formation of furrows on the skin. When the contraction of the muscle is stopped wrinkle is smoothed. In some cases, full smoothing is obtained only after an additional injection of wrinkles with a filler based on hyaluronic acid.

Wrinkle Removal – A-Botox

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