Porcelain bridges on zirconium oxide

All-ceramic bridges on zirconium oxide belong to prosthetic restorations permanently cemented on the patient's own teeth. Sticking to your own teeth makes them a very comfortable and convenient prosthetic solution. With the help of prosthetic bridges, you can fill in the deficiencies of one or more – dental. All-ceramic zirconium oxide bridges are an alternative to the use of implants. The bridge suspended on the patient's own pillar teeth recreates the missing teeth in terms of both aesthetic and functional. Unlike classic porcelain bridges fired on metal, porcelain is fired on the bridge frame made of zirconium oxide. It is a modern material guaranteeing the necessary strength and ideal aesthetic effect. What is the course of treatment? Here is a simplified scheme:
  • First visit: after analyzing the panoramic X-ray and planning a prosthetic restoration, the doctor proceeds to grind the teeth selected as the pillars of the bridge. The grinding procedure is carried out in anesthesia and is completely painless. The visit ends with the collection of squeezes and their referral to the prosthetic laboratory and the protection of ground pillar teeth with temporary crowns.
  • Second visit: the dentist tries on the bridge in the patient's mouth and makes any corrections, after which if the patient has no objections to the shape, color and appearance of the bridge, he cements the zirconia bridge permanently in the patient's mouth. In the case of very large bridges, sometimes an additional visit is necessary to pre-check the adjustment of the bridge skeleton.
  • What are the indications for all-ceramic prosthetic bridges? – Any missing teeth are indicated, provided that appropriately located abutment teeth are present. This can only be seen after a dental examination. If the missing teeth are too extensive to make a bridge, we suggest bridges in the ZX 27 system or implant treatment.
  • How long is the replenishment time? – From the first visit to the end of treatment, about 8-10 days pass, after this time you can enjoy a beautiful smile and full comfort while eating.
  • What are the other options for rebuilding the absence of individual teeth? – An alternative to the use of classic prosthetic bridges is the reconstruction of the lack of a tooth using single crowns on implants. This solution is more favourable due to the lack of need to grind the patient's adjacent healthy teeth. It should be remembered that the sanded tooth will forever have to be placed under the prosthetic crown.

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Zirconium oxide bridge Wroclaw

Circular zirconia bridge on your own teeth and implants.

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