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Welcome to the website of the Vita-Dent Centre for Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry.

Our dental office in Wrocław has existed since 1991. Since then, we have acquired a reputation and trust of more than 18,000 satisfied patients. Through the continuing training of our dentists, we offer patients access to the full range of the latest dental services and implantological treatment. Visits to us are really painless and stress-free.

Respecting your time we offer as short time as possible, and during the first meeting in our clinic we present an accurate schedule of planned dental treatment and its estimate.

Going with the spirit of time, we offer our patients dental care to the full extent together with comprehensive radiological diagnostics – including computer tomography.

In order to increase the availability of modern dental treatment, we offer the possibility of installment payment.

We invite you to vita-dent dental offices.

Dentists Wroclaw
On the last weekend before Christmas, the whole Vita-Dent team met on Christmas Eve. It was fun and not just about the teeth 🙂 On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas, we wish you the widest and beautiful smiles among family and friends.
Tooth implants - training in Vienna
We are pleased to inform you that dentist Wroclaw Grzegorz Gdula and doctor stom. Marcin Gdula on 12-13.10.2018 participated in the implantology training Neobiotech GAO Symposium, which took place in Vienna.
Dental laser, laser teeth whitening
We would like to inform you that in our office at ul. Nobel Prize We bought the latest dental laser SmartM PRO from lasotronix. This laser works as many as 2-length wavelengths, so we can offer our patients the latest medicinal methods in the field of microsurgery, aesthetic dentistry or biostimulation for the 21st century.
Healing rails - grzegorz gdula and Marcin Gdula
We are pleased to announce that our doctors Dr. Grzegorz Gdula and Dr. Marcin Gdula underwent a 2-stage training on the subject of malocclusion problems and temporomandibular joint pain. During the 6 days of training, our doctors learned about the latest treatments for bite plates, which will result in even more opportunities to help our patients. For more details, please refer to the courses and training tabs.
Orthodontic treatment Wrocław - Marcin Gdula
We boast of new equipment 🙂 We purchased a new dental device for root canal treatment with the latest method of heat condensation. This is currently the most effective method of filling channel systems in teeth treated endodontically. Welcome!
Orthodontic treatment Wrocław - Marcin Gdula
We are pleased to announce that on 22-23 April 2016 our doctor Marcin Gdula gave a lecture: "Orthodontic treatment with the use of mini-implants and mini-platelets" as part of the 10th edition of the International Conference – Dental News.
Our dental office Wrocław was chosen by Carestream to test a modern intraoral 3D scanner. Working with a scanner allows you to achieve greater precision of prosthetic work while maintaining maximum patient comfort during operation. Tests started on 25-05-2015. and after just a few days we have to admit that digital dental models combined with 3D printing are the future of dentistry.

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